Retail Therapy

I had an AWESOME time today! *Happy face*

HI Lovelies.

After two weeks of headache and stress schedule, I finally went out with Miss Yui for some retails therapy! ^0^ HAULS! *My first ever (only, I think) haul!*

Food Porn ahead! 

 My OOTD and FOTD. haha. I'm wearing the yellow dress that bought by BF the other day when we went shopping together; because its too exposed -_-, I wore it over with cardigan.

I've been craving for Carbonara Spaghetti this week. haha. Lunch! Yummeh! :D

 Dessert! Malaysian's ABC. Colorful no?

 I bought another Liese's hairdye. BF has been fussing about my yucky yellowish hair color. And there you go dear, its a darker shade! As you wish. ^_^.

 My favorite buy for today (probably this month!). I got this baby for 50% discount! :D I'm so happy to stand tall again! :') Ahem. beside my BF btw.

 Some 'things' that broke me today! :') But I really need those stuff. *sigh*

Well. This is the result of the hair color. -_- I think its not really working. Hmm. Sad!

 There are no big differences anyway. >.<" Haish. *Irritated face*

Thus, I conclude that my day was awesome though my wallet is not happy at all. Well, its once in a month splurge right? :') Oh. I forgot another thing, a lace's dress that I bought from my roommate! xD She doesn't like the dress and when I tried it on, I kinda hooked up! muahahahaha. *slap face* Yeah. So officially I am broke for the month! I hope everyone have an awesome day today!

Thanks For Reading.


  1. wow!! go you for splurging, you deserve all those lovely things! and I just love your new wedgies <3

  2. its good to spend heaps of money, i feel better going shopping. but then i feel sad when i have no money left. T-T"
    also when i run out of something i do need, i like to buy a different type of brand and try it out xD
    love you shoes :3 and the food looks yummy! <3

  3. Those wedges are adorable!
    And you look so sweet in your pictures Fay! ^_^

  4. The girl on the hair dye reminds me of you, so cute!

  5. @Nicole ~ Thanks u~ Thanks u~ I love those babies as well. hehe

    @Fern ~ Same as ME! I love shopping~ but then, I feel so sad when little money left. haha

    @Laiqah ~ Oh. Thanks you sweetie! :)

    @Keri ~ Thanks u! :)

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