To FAITH.LOVE.HOPE! 1 years old and hopefully many more to come. 

Hi Lovelies readers from all around the world. 
Greeting from the author of FAITH.LOVE.HOPE.

A year ago, out of boredom during the study week for final exam, I signed up for Blogger.  I really love writing. I think since I fall in love with English and Harry Potter when I was 13. The passions for writing also from the facts that I love reading and sharing. My last pieces of Diaries or life journal was when I was 18 years old, back to 2008 itself. I find that reading back my old diaries are very interesting because everything is very cliche and interesting. It is a memories of the past. A pieces of letter from my ex. The resits of the first phone that I bought with my own money. A candy wrapper from someone special. A dry tears traces on the paper. I love looking back to the old memories because I know it is what making ME as ME now.  

 Current look of FAITH.LOVE.HOPE. Big THANKS to my sister Amarantha for the lovely banner design! YES. Its  colorful. I thinks the color bring more vibe to the new template. hehe.

 Woot! Woot! I am not boasting but THANKS YOU for reading my blog and follow me. *Can you spot yourself in the picture?*

BLOG stats



 *cough* I wonder who's the poor visitors are...there are nothing nude nor sex nor porn in this blog. buahahahahaa. ^///^


I thank everyone that has caused me to suffer, without you I would have no reason to express myself. And of course to those who always supporting me, without them...I am nothing.

Thanks For Reading.


  1. Woot!

    I can see mah avatar on the snapshot :3 ehheheheheheh

  2. Happy Blog Birthday ^_^

    ps... Loving the new blog layout!


  3. haha congrats on an amazing blog. I am your silly follower hehe


  4. welcome dear. congratz! spotted my pic. lol :D

  5. happy birthday to your blog!!!!!!!! ^^
    love the new template too! :D

  6. wow congrats and happy birthday to one year of blogging! i really love the banner too!


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