Going for a short hiatus!

OH NO! Don't worry. hehehe. Its not because of the last post that I'm going for blog hiatus. Bleh. Like anyone cares. Ahem.

HI Lovelies.

First of all, Thanks You so much for the lovely supports for my previous post. Thanks You. *bows* Oh. Me and BF makes up early that morning btw. haha. Typical him who always don't want things to go astray and more drama. Plus, I have to agree with that because I'm a terrible drama queen. Ahem. Well, LOVE makes you like that. 

OK. I'll be gone for a few days. Don't worry! I will be back on Thursday! :) I will have pretty busy week this week. O_O" Today, I'm going to see my BF (*Yay! He's finally in KL*) and will spend some time together. Tomorrow, I have my Marine's class study trip to Aquaria at KLCC *I've been there actually; with BF.* But with this trip, there will be an assignment! :\ *sigh* Moreover, I got Nuffnang's Premiere ticket for Scream 4 on Wednesday! That will be my second times winning Nuffnang's ticket! *Happy faces* OH. BUT~ the next day...I have Cancer Biology Test and I have to submits my Thesis Chapter 1 and 2. So, you can now see why am I on blog hiatus for few days.  Another one is the BB that I'm using to online now is belong to my BF. haha. I'm too lazy to pay for my BB then its end up disconnected. :\ Oh well, I have to re-activated it again. *annoyed face*

Can you imagine my happy face? NO. I can't! HAHA. I'll be reading Cancer's Note when I queue up for this! So, dearest Malaysian's Nuffnanger who got the tickets, if you saw a girl reading up notes while queue up, THAT IS ME! xD

Last but still not least, I would really love to ask your guys opinion for my banner. I accidentally deleted my template yesterday! *I am so clumsy!! head-bang* and I didn't saved the backup file and I end up with this new template. T.T By the way, Do you like my new banner? Its only for temporary. I'm in the middle of negotiating with my little brother to help me edit my banner with Photoshop. Hopefully, the new one will be up end of this week! *fingers crosses* OK then, till then. Fay's signing OFF for 4 days caving in the hectic schedule.

Thanks For Reading.


  1. have fun on your break! xD you will be missed~~
    the banner looks nice! ^^ lucky you for winning movie tickets!

  2. Congratulations on winning the movie tickets! :D Hope you enjoy it, and good luck on the tests! ^^

  3. Good you and your boyfriend made up soon after. Now you can meet him irl and enjoy your date to the fullest without worrying about the fight ^_^
    I like your banner hun, great pictures, you look super cute on them :D See you again soon!

  4. So sorry that you lost your blog template.. but the good news is you made up with BF and won screening tickett!! yeyyy! That must be so exciting(:

    I gave you award here:http://theprincessisdreaming.blogspot.com/2011/04/they-who-make-us-recall-to-always-down.html

    Dreamy Princess


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