I guess this post will be a little bit against my #minimalismgoal but I have been busy decluttering some of my cases recently and these are the only cases left (at the moment..). I really love buying new cases for my phone and its very hard for me to go into a phone case shop without buying new case. #truestory Ever since I got my phone, I think I owned more than 20 cases - some were from B's previous 6+ so we kinda exchange with each other or when he bought new protective 360 then he passed the previous case to me. #yass
1. White (Not really transparent) Jelly case from Mr. DIY | RM3.90  2. Thin Transparent case from China (theonemall - somewhat like Tabao) | RM1.90  3. Thicker protective case with pastel color rainbow from phone shop @ Megalong | RM20-ish 4. Transparent case with gold trim on the side from phone shop @ 1Borneo | RM30-ish, seem like almost 40 (bought last year so I cannot remember except that it's damn expensive and I swear I won't return to the shop)

March ’17 | Monthly Recap

When the blogging determination suddenly hit me and I accidentally committed myself to write a monthly recap starting from March. Oh man, what’s going on? LOL Anyway, March has been a busy month for me – well, I guess every month also busy leh. 
I can pretty much said that I started my March with a great bang!  Finally managed to get invitation - as a blogger for some event review in KK (I always get invitation back in KL - which happened ages ago when I was still very active blogging) and finally able to meet up with the famous KK Blogger and HitzFM announcers such as Mas, Charlotte, Calista, and Farhan. Check out my blog post about the Coral Flyer Zipline in HERE.On 7th March, my first-born nephew was born via C-Section as he came to this world 1 week earlier than his due date. Feivel's weigh 2.16Kgs and only allowed to return home 5 days after he was born due to his jaundice. Oh, I am in love with him. So F much!Managed to do some catch up session with Jess (check her blog out h…

PUSAS | The Smokehouse | Experience The Tasty

Both B and I always enjoyed a very chill and relax date, no fancy artsy date and our routines usually consisted of dinner, watching movie and finished it off by relaxing, catching up while drinking our rounds of beers. So when B was in KK last weekend, we decided to drop by the PUSAS | The Smokehouse shop which located at the Peak Vista. For your info, PUSAS was previously known as the Smokin' Bacon (which I ever published and raved about their amazing bacon jam). It was not that hard to find the shop as you can clearly see their fancy and modern - looking shop from afar. (Disclaimer: Non - Halal)  Fortunately finding parking space was easy even though it was weekend. When we just arrived, the shop are pretty quiet but as the night crawled in, the place is swarmed with family, teenager and some elders. It's amazing to see the place are packed in just short amount of time. I am absolutely in love with their interior design - simple, clean and Oh, so Instagram-worthy!
A close u…


H E L L O – Being cooped up inside the house for the longest 3 months ever – what with bro’s wedding preparation and helping le’ family, I was so exhausted and finally able to break free from the house detention. LOL Two weekend ago, Jessica invited me to join them for the famous Coral Flyer Zipline and I took it without further hesitation. (Pst..I’ve been all angsty because I’m missing the beach, sand and seawater so F much! Hashtag mermaid soul)  
On Saturday 4th, we (myself, Jessica, Massy, Calista, Charlotte, Farhan & Mus) meet up at Jesselton Point around 9.30 AM. We then took the boat from BEACH BUM which cost cheaper than the rest for a return boat ticket from KK to Sapi Island. Its took about 15 minutes’ boat ride from KK to Sapi Island. Sadly, it was very packed with visitors the other day and we decided to hang out at Padang Point, Gaya Island. B U T first and foremost, you have to registered yourselves at Sapi Island if you decided to ride the Coral Fyler and then the s…


Happy New Year 2017! Its has been week now since we celebrated the NY and I'm more than eager to be back and started blogging again. With all the craziness that went down in December, whirlwind Christmas's celebration, my brother's wedding and hectic work loads - I've finally too depleted and decided to rest for a longer period of time to recharge my introvert's soul.
When I was watching my favorite Youtubers few days ago, sharing their goals or resolutions for 2017, Lavendaire theme & goals inspired resolutions caught my attention. So instead of listing down 50 nor over of resolutions list for 2017, this year I want to do more and achieved more in my life based on these three theme: Positivity, Creativity and Simplicity.

To lead more positive lifestyle:
+ Healthy body and mind
+ Avoid drama
+ Learn to take criticism as one way of self-improvement
+ Avoid getting entangled in bad vibes from individual or group
+ Project more good vibes to others



By the time you are reading this, you have probably knew since the early beginning that I have no such luck (nor commitment) for daily blog posting. However, I did have all my drafts post ready and edited tons of photos for my post and yet here I am - apologizing over another fail challenge i.e the 12 days of Blogmas.

In all honesty, I really wanted to makes this work but sadly my laptop which contain all my post (which by the way I have saved into a Word files) and nicely edited photos is officially in its dying bed. Unfortunately due to that reason, I'm unable to continue my blogmas post. Hopefully I will be able to do well in daily post challenges in 2017.

With that being said, wishing everyone of you a Merry Christmas ♥️ and Happy New Year 2017! May God bless all of us with abundant blessings during this blessed season and may all our wishes came true!

Much love from yours truly x

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BLOGMAS #2 Christmas's Playlist

Hello pretty pretty! :) Yeah, I know Day 2 (and Day 3 as well) post is late HAHAHA but no worries, I'm still gonna update and crunched all 3 posts today! Today I'm going to share my current Christmas's playlist which I keep on listening - repetitively over the pass few weeks.
As mentioned before, I prefer to listen to classic Christmas's song instead of those newly modernized by some popular artist. I've always love Boney M and my favorite song is still Mary's Boy Child / Oh My Lord ever since I was a kid. My siblings and I enjoy singing along this song whenever it was played, which is over and over again HAHA
However, recently I got hooked with Chris Tomlin's Christmas (LIVE) edition. Nothing weird though since I do love to listen to their worship song as it's almost similar to Hillsong Worship's genre. My favorite songs are He Shall Reign Forevermore and A Christmas Alleluia.  Last but not least, I have been obsessed with Big Bang's latest so…